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[Our references]

Selected references

EU/PST 2, Burkina Faso
Technical Assistance for the elaboration of a report on the accompanying measures for expropriation for public utility

UDSCard, The Netherlands
Technical Assistance in the implementation of a CDM biogaz project for electricity generation in Burkina Faso

West African Association for Environmental Impact Assessment
Organization and facilitation of a workshop on the Environmental Impact Assessment of road infrastructures

Assistance in the development of Renewable Energy projects in Algeria and Burkina Faso

Renewable Energy - Feasibility study on rural electrification and alternative clean energy sources in Burkina Faso / development of a project proposal on the energy valorisation of cashew shells together with CIRAD, 2ie and ILTIS/NOVIS

IGIP/Afrika– Germany
Water and Sanitation - Elaboration of technical documents for potable water supply to small and medium size cities of Burkina Faso

Joint-venture International Resources Group – USA
Joint-venture for the environmental auditing of the component « Environmental and Social Impacts Assessment, reinstallation and resettlement action plans » in the framework of the MCC –MCC-07- RFP- 0016 – BAF - ROADS Project

UNDP/FAO/BKF/93/003 [GEF/SILEM], Burkina Faso
Capacity building of these development projects’ staffs in ESIA

Elaboration of the Environmental Impact Notice for the construction of a hotel in Kourritenga, BF

Technical and scientific organization of the international colloquium on the ‘unknown actors of development’

Mid Term Assessment Through a Result Based Management Logical Framework elaborated jointly by UNDP/India and its Partners (the Indo-Canadian Environment Facility (ICEF), the Government of India and the Government of Karnataka) to assist the Biomass Energy Project for Rural India

Highland and Islands Enterprise – Scotland, The United Kingdom
Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of a Community Owned Wind Farm Project in Inverness, Edinburgh

FAO - Italy
Energy Programme/ Project GCP/RAF/354/EC – Wood Energy Planning Policy (WEPP) Component of the European Commission/FAO Partnership on Sustainable Forest Management in African, Caribbean, and Pacific (ACP) Countries:

BKF/93/003 South-West Sissili Natural Forest Management Field (55,000 acres) Project, Burkina Faso

World Bank – UNFCC/ RPTES
Activities Implemented Jointly (AIJ) Project – Assist with the Elaboration of ‘’Tissé’’ Natural Forest Sustainable Management Plan.

Ministry of Mines and Energy, Burkina Faso
Assist with the Elaboration of the Country Energy Policy aiming at Securing Energy Supply

Solar Technology Company (SOLTECH)
Technical, Commercial developement of solar energy systems






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